Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the high volume of questions presented to us, we have compiled the following list of frequently asked questions. You will be happy to learn that we are very open about how everything works. If you have a question that you do not find here, please feel free to contact us.

Why do you want to buy my land?

We are a group of real estate investors purchasing land to hold for long term investment. Our goal is to purchase land in remote areas of the United States and allow it to appreciate over many years.

What kinds of property do you purchase?

We only purchase vacant land without homes.

How does this work?

If you are looking to sell your land, the first step is to complete our simple online worksheet so you can tell us all about your property. If we are interested in purchasing your property, you will get a written offer in about 2-5 weeks. We receive a lot of property submissions, so if you don’t hear from us after 6-weeks, unfortunately we are not interested in purchasing your land at this time.

How much will I receive for my property?

Before we can give you a price for your property, we need to do some research first. Some of the factors that determine the price of your property include:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Location
  • Zoning
  • Road access
  • Assessed value
  • Market conditions
  • Availability of water
  • Distance to utilities
  • Overall demand

How long will it take to sell my property to you?

Most of the time we can purchase your property in 2-8 weeks, depending on which county and state your property is located in; as some counties are faster than others.

What costs are involved in selling my property?

None. We pay all of the fees and charges (see list below) associated with the transfer of title:

  • Closing costs
  • Escrow fees
  • Recording costs
  • Attorney fees
  • Real estate fees
  • Title insurance
  • Notary fees

What if I owe money on the property?

If you owe money on the property we will need to look carefully at your individual situation. Be sure to mention any potential problems to us, either on the online property worksheet or if we contact you, so we can do the extra research necessary to purchase your property.

What if I don’t have my original deed?

No problem. You don’t need your original deed to sell your property to us. As long as your deed was recorded with the county, we can obtain a copy from the county clerk to complete the transaction. If your deed was not recorded, unfortunately we cannot purchase your property until the deed has been recorded.

Why should I sell to you when I can sell my home through an agent or Realtor?

Most people have exhausted that option before coming to us and/or need to sell their property quickly. Agents and Realtors charge very high commission’s and actually do very little to sell your property outside of listing it in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), which does not justify the expensive 7-10% or more, commission’s they charge.

Want an offer on your land?

Just complete our online worksheet and we can get you a written offer for your property in about a week.