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"Trust is Our Middle Name"


To sell your land, simply complete this easy online worksheet and if we are interested in purchasing your property, you will get a written offer in about a week. Or you can e-mail us your complete property details here:

How did you hear about us?
Full name:
Mailing address:
Zip code:
Phone number:
E-mail address:
Assessor's Parcel Number (APN): Important! We cannot get you an offer for your property without the APN (Assessors Parcel Number) or Tax ID number.
This can be found on your most recent tax statement.
Property address:
Size of property?
Amount of current back taxes owed?
Do you owe any other money on the property (mortgage, trust deed, lien, etc.)?
If yes, please give details:
What is your best asking price? Important! We will not send you an offer for your property if you do not list an asking price.
This is becauase, we do not want to spend our time assessing properties that someone might want way more than it's reasonably worth.
Please describe why you are selling:
Any other information about the property (well, septic, structures, etc.):
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